5 Tips On How To Choose And Book Local Movers In NY!

Are you planning a move soon and feeling puzzled about the entire experience? Having trouble with finding the best movers to help you relocate in New York can be everything but an easy task, but you should know one thing – finding the best, reliable movers for your specific moving needs will provide you with the unique opportunity of not having to deal with a single part of your upcoming relocation. What are things that make a good moving company stand out among others? As the journey can get tough fairly quickly, we wanted to make the entire process of finding movers easier on your end. Below you will find the top 5 tips on choosing a moving company in New York – one that will exceed your local moving expectations.

1.      Research

When it comes to finding a reliable local moving company to trust your upcoming relocation with, it can be tough to decipher which companies actually deliver the kind of service that they promise. The best way to know for sure is to ask your family, friends, co workers and local real estate agents for referrals, as they might have had a pleasant moving experience with a certain moving company in the past. It is always good to also do your own research, as you might be looking for something different in a moving company – it is a good option to simply search for “movers near me” and go from there. Checking Yelp for moving companies that are well-rated, as well as the BBB will provide you with the needed insight on certain moving companies. Make a list of companies that have caught your eye, as it is time to request some moving quotes.

2.      The rule of three moving quotes

The rule of three moving quotes is simple – call around and gather at least three moving quotes. Jokes aside, calling different moving companies around and getting a clear idea of how much you will be paying for your move along with the benefits you will be receiving from certain companies can help you immensely when the time comes to hire a certain one. Some will offer a lot more at a smaller rate and vice versa, and it is up to you to figure out where your priorities lie. Before booking your move with the first moving company you have called, shop around and find the best option for your moving needs and budget.

3.      License and insurance

When it comes to hiring a professional moving company, you need to know that there are a lot of them that operate without a license or any kind of insurance. This means that no one will be held accountable for your belongings, and that your movers will not be responsible in case anything goes wrong during your move. If you want to feel at peace during your entire moving experience, and have your items arrive at your destination in the same way they were before your movers arrived, you need to verify that your movers are licensed and insured before you proceed to book your move with them.

4.      Say no to cheap movers

When we say “cheap movers”, we mean suspiciously cheap movers. If you give a certain company a call, and they promise everything in the world at a surprisingly low price, something has to be off about that. You have surely heard about at least one or two stories about nightmare experiences with movers, which is exactly why you are here – you want to avoid this at all costs and prevent it from happening. When looking for professional movers to trust your valuables and your entire move with, it is important to find ones that will deliver the service that they promise – at the price they are promising them as well. As reliable movers can seem tough to find, there are companies out there that truly do care. Finding movers that won’t surprise you with hidden fees, won’t damage or lose your property and will take all of the necessary measures to ensure that your move is completed with success are reliable movers. And these are the only kinds of movers you should ever hire to take care of your belongings.

5.      Customer service can say a lot

This has always proven to be true; customer service can always say a lot about a business. When you give a moving company a call, pay attention to the sales representative that you are talking to and the customer service you are being provided with. Are they answering every question you have? Are you receiving the necessary information regarding your potential moving experience with their company? What makes them stand out? If you are met with an unpleasant situation with a company from your initial phone call with them, why would you want them to go through your home and your valuables? As the level of customer service, you are met with over the phone doesn’t always represent the quality of service you might receive from a certain moving company, we at New York Professional Movers place high value in customer service and provide our clientele with a comfortable moving experience and friendly staff.

If you need help finding the best New York NY movers to help take you home, New York Professional Movers is only one phone call away. We will go above and beyond for your moving needs, and make sure that the moving service you are provided with is one that you will be absolutely content with.

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