7 Best Neighborhoods Of New York To Move To

When it comes to finding the best neighborhood to move to in New York, it is important to know that you won’t be able to find everything you are looking for. Accepting that you will need to make a few compromises down the road is a good headspace to start picking a neighborhood with. It can also be hard to prioritize what is most important to you, but once you find out what it is that you need from a neighborhood, and what are only benefits that you could also have but aren’t dealbreakers, the entire process of finding the perfect place will become much easier for you. What New York offers is a lot of different neighborhoods that offer different things, some boast a plethora of green spaces and parks to choose from, others offer easy access to everywhere you need to be and some offer more affordable housing options – and if you are in luck, you might just find one with all three. We have gathered the 7 best neighborhoods of New York to move to, and hopefully this can be the last point of your search.

 1. Greenpoint

Located in close proximity to the hip and wild Williamsburg, Greenpoint offers a quite different vibe than its neighbor. Being relatively isolated when it comes to transit, as it is served by only the G train and a few buses, Greenpoint is the perfect place for people that want to be close to the city, but as far away as possible when it comes to the neighborhood feel. With abundant rental and condo options to choose from, you won’t have a tough time apartment hunting in Greenpoint – as there is surely something for everyone. With a median rent of around $2,600, waterfront parks and the easy access to the city, this secluded neighborhood is truly one of a kind.

 2. Downtown Brooklyn

When looking for a conveniently located neighborhood with abundant transit options, Downtown Brooklyn should be one of your contenders. Downtown Brooklyn is currently under rapid growth, with tens of thousands of new apartments including both condos and rentals. When it comes to the amenities scattered around the neighborhood, they have also received some improvement. If you are worried about getting to Manhattan, you’re only 15 minutes away thanks to the amazingly easy access to transit. As there is so much development underway in this neighborhood, the prices do get high. The convenience Downtown Brooklyn can offer you is simply unmatched, but most rentals tend to be around $4,000 a month. Is the easy city access, and plethora of shopping, dining and entertainment options enough to make you take the leap of faith and move to Downtown Brooklyn?

 3. Forest Hills

If you are looking for a secluded neighborhood that is quiet and family-oriented, yet not too detached from the city, Forest Hills offers beautiful housing options with its distinct Tudor architecture and warm neighborhood charm. This neighborhood almost feels nostalgic, with the Forest Hills Stadium and the historic Forest Hills Station being just around the corner. Tree lined streets that offer a rustic yet charming vibe make this neighborhood unique, and as most housing options consist of single-family homes, you could also easily find some apartment options to choose from as well. With a median rent of $2,325 a month and a median home value of around $450,000, Forest Hills is a neighborhood you should definitely consider.

 4. Jackson Heights

Located in Central Queens, this neighborhood offers one of the most culturally diverse communities in the entire city with more than 150 languages spoken by the residents of Jackson Heights. This family friendly neighborhood with a warm community and extremely easy access to Manhattan (you’ll be 30 minutes away from Midtown) offers affordable housing with a median home value of around $450,000 – which is a steal when compared to other neighborhoods in New York. New public schools, and amazing green parks scattered around the neighborhood are what make Jackson Heights a delight. Easy access, affordable housing and a lot of outdoor activities paired with a friendly community are the perfect combination for settling down and raising a family.

 5. Lower East Side

This neighborhood located in Lower Manhattan is well known by locals and visitors alike, and offers an exciting vibe that keeps people coming for more. This unique neighborhood is currently under a new wave of development that will provide potential newcomers to the neighborhood with plenty of new apartments to choose from. Living on the Lower East Side does come with a price tag that does match its reputation, with the more affordable renting options being over $3,000 a month. However, keep in mind that you won’t be living just anywhere – you’ll be living on the Lower East Side. An abundance of bars, restaurants and clubs will be just around the corner for you, and you won’t have any trouble finding great eateries and a place to grab a drink at any point of the day. Living here means that everything you could possibly need is only a stone throw away, which is one of the best benefits of living in a neighborhood like LES. If the location is something you find worth the high price tag, or not – that is.

 6. Inwood

Located on the northernmost tip of Manhattan, just between the Harlem and Hudson rivers, this surprisingly affordable neighborhood might just be the winner when it comes to ticking all of the boxes. With a median rent of around $2,000 a month and a median home value of just under $500,000, Inwood is a neighborhood that is most likely not going to stay the same for long. On the brink of major change, this is a neighborhood well worth the investment, as it is bound to receive rapid growth soon. Also located next to Inwood Hill Park, one of the most beautiful parks in the entire city, you will always have everything you could possibly need just a short stroll away.

 7. Prospect Lefferts Gardens

Prospect Lefferts Gardens is a Brooklyn neighborhood that not many have realized the potential of, but that is likely to change in the near future. Signs of improvement and transformation of this neighborhood are not nonexistent, with new luxury apartments that have popped up suddenly and caught the eye of many. When it comes to the benefits of living in this neighborhood – there are simply too many. Getting to Manhattan in 30 minutes, along with an affordable median rental price of around $2,350 a month, this amazing neighborhood that is in close proximity to Prospect Park is a hidden gem well worth taking a look at.

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